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    Help save my Saab 95 - expert advice needed, won't start

    Hi everyone,

    I am hoping someone has an idea what is wrong with my 2005 Saab 95 ARC. She has been running great and went on a long trip last week without issue. Last night I went to start her up and she just keeps cranking but no sign of trying to run. I took her to the local GM dealership today and they spent two hours trying to figure out the issue, and they failed...they don't know what is wrong. A back round history on the car...hopefully this helps shed some light.

    For a while my car had four or five codes in the computer relating to a failing DIC. I am trying to remember the codes I think they were:

    I think I also had P0340. So I purchased a brand new genuine Saab DIC and replaced the failing unit.

    (All related to my DIC, random misfiring and such codes)

    I have also had a P1110 relating to the charge air bypass valve (I have had this code for a LONG time, and am still trying to figure out what is wrong...as I have replaced the "hooter valve" already, and just replaced the hoses last weekend trying to figure it out) The next step was to replace the boost control valve, hoping that would fix it.

    After replacing the DIC as well as installing brand new NGK BCPR6ES-11 spark plugs, I erased all of the codes and drove my car for two weeks without issue. All of the codes relating to the DIC never came back. The P1110 did come back though as expected.

    The dealership told me that the fuel pump and pressure are fine, they also did a compression test with the following results:

    Cylinder 1 - 150 psi
    Cylinder 2 - 170 psi
    Cylinder 3 - 130 psi
    Cylinder 4 - 160 psi

    With those results, they told me that my engine was getting "tired". I am not a mechanic so I have no idea what the proper PSI should be in the cylinders.

    They noted on my bill that further diagnosis found no ground signal for injector pulse. The mechanic said to me that it might be the crank position sensor, but he doubts it, or the ECU. So without SAAB diagnostic tools they can go no further. And I have no access to a Tech 2 that I am aware of in my area.

    If you have any ideas, please help as I don't want to lose my Saab....she is on the operating room table flat lining and I am trying to use the paddles to save her life. Should I continue or finally pull the plug after all these years....she has been an amazing car to me and it makes me sad thinking this might be the end of the road.

    Thanks for your time and knowledge.


    PS...I did try changing back to my previous DIC, thinking maby my new DIC was defective, but the car did the same thing and would not start, so I put the new DIC back in.

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    My 07 9-5 2.3t had the P1110 code until I replaced the boost control valve on the firewall. I also had a similar problem with the car cranking and not turning over. I had 40 PSI pressure on the fuel rail and could hear the fuel pump prime when I turned the key, but it wouldn’t start. After trying many things, I took the car to a local Saab expert. Turned out to be my fuel pump. They said they know it seems odd, but the GM fuel pumps in my car sometimes went like that. Once the pump was replaced, everything was fine.

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