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    07 convertible glove box

    I tried to open my glove box and just pushing on the button wouldnít work. So I took my metal key and stuck it in the lock to make sure it wasnít accidentally locked somehow and the lock cylinder came out with it. I then tried to get my key out of the cylinder and all the internal bits fell out. I wasnít able to collect them all. My problem is where do I go from here getting that dealt with. I canít seem to find any new lock cylinders online or Iím looking in the wrong spot. Or is there a locksmith of some sort I can take it to with my key and they can rebuild it? This is a first for me so Iím kinda at a loss.

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    Google any locksmith in your area and they can fix or replace, you might need to wait some time for a new replacement. Getting a used lock and having it re keyed is a less expensive alternative and my suggestion is put your empty cylinder back in the hole so it looks like a lock and can be worked by any key or even a butter knife. Locking the cubby on a plastic dash ragtop is more an impression of security helping to keep curious people honest. A real thief doesn't hesitate to force a lock and damage your dash in the process.

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