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    Fuse / Disconnect Center Brake Light (CHMSL) 2011 9-5


    I am preparing for a National Car Test tomorrow and have some LEDs blown in the Centre Rear Stop Light (CHMSL).
    I've been told that it won't fail if the whole panel is off, but may if some LEDs are blown.

    Problem is I can't see a reference to which fuse controls the Centre Brake lights (or any brake lights). I've checked the user manual, WISOnline and this forum.

    Worst case, I can temporarily snip and then re-join the cable.

    Any help appreciated.

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    This is probably too late for you, but a couple of years ago I found a YouTube video in which someone showed how to get a standard (non-Saab) LED strip and use it to replace the factory version. Hopefully this will help for future reference.

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