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    PCV Update question

    Hi Everyone,
    I recently purchased a 2002 9-3 convertible with 59k miles that does not have the PCV #6 update. I bought the kit to do this but had a question. I originally found out about the update from a Saab group on Facebook. One person there was adamant about dropping the pan and checking for sludge and cleaning the oil pickup screen. I'm going to start to work putting the kit on tonight. How important does everyone believe it is to drop the pan and check for sludge? Also, I have a very small wifi inspection camera. What are the chances that I can check everything I need to with it though the drain hole?

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    I realise that some time has passed since you posted this question. But felt compelled to reply to help you or the 330 who read the post.
    I've done the breather kit and mesh replacement on my 2001 93 B205R engine. Dropping the pan is recommended on various sites and for peace of mind , I too would recommend it. the links below give step by step information on each job.

    Breather kit mod http://www.serioussaab.co.uk/Procs_p...eatherkit.html

    Dropping and cleaning the sump http://www.serioussaab.co.uk/Procs_p...es/p_sump.html

    Replacing the strainer mesh (30 mesh to 20 mesh) http://www.serioussaab.co.uk/Procs_p..._strainer.html

    Hope this is of some help

    Dave 2 93s

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