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    Greetings From Texas

    Hello Everyone!

    I am the proud new owner of a 2010 SAAB 9-5 Aero. It is Carbon Gray Metallic with black/gray interior. From what I can tell, it has the tech package minus the navigation/Harman-Kardon premium sound. The car is awesome! I purchased it in Montana and drove it back to Texas; a 1900 mile trip that allowed plenty of time to get acquainted with the car. It is smooth, quiet, fast and surprisingly fuel efficient. There are only a few minor issues I need to address which I'm hoping to find results for on this site.

    1) The HVAC fan speed switch will increase the fan speed, but will not decrease/turn off the blower motor. The system works fine in "auto" mode but I cannot manually lower fan speed or turn off the blower motor. The dealer gave me a new blower motor resistor, but I don't think this is the issue seeing as how fan speeds works fine in "auto" mode.

    2) The backup light on the driver's side does not work. I came across a thread here saying that is normal but I would like to find some official documentation stating this. I haven't seen another9-5 NG here in Houston and I don't know if it will cause issues during the state inspection process without supporting documentation.

    3) The trunk/boot LED light bar. I've seen plenty of threads on here about this and where to get the kit. Mine is no different.

    4) There is a weird gurgling sound at slow speed take off. The sound is steady regardless of engine rpm/transmission gear I'm in. If I let off the accelerator, the sound goes away, but picks right back up if I'm under 30mph. The noise is completely gone above 30mph

    Otherwise, that's it. I am thoroughly impressed by how awesome this car is. I will post pictures as soon as I figure out how to.


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    The term HVAC is tautology, air conditioning includes heating and ventilation. I have never tried turning the fan down, min stays in Auto.

    The driver’s side reversing light doesn’t come on when in reverse on my car and it passes its yearly MoT test, the UK’s annual roadworthiness check which picks up such things.

    The LED bar, best to just buy the kit and repair it.

    The noise, almost impossible to say without experiencing it, sorry.

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