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    02 to 07 Fuel Tank Swap

    I have a 2007 9-5 with the typical fuel level sending unit failure. I'm pretty unhappy about GM changes (I hate GM now!) that require the tank to be removed for servicing the pump and sending unit. I'm scraping a 02 9-5 and considering swapping fuel tanks with my 07 as it accomplishes two tasks. First it fixes the sending unit and second it modifies it to be serviceable from under the rear seat. It looks like I'd have to modify the wiring a little and the lines, I'm good with that. What I am concerned about is if the older and newer fuel sending units send the same voltages to the DICE or cluster? I thought someone might have chased this rabbit down the rabbit hole before so thought I'd ask. Thank you! Dale Bennion, Roy, Utah

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    The simple answer is to check the part numbers of the fuel pumps using EPC. If they are the same, no problem, if they are interchangeable also no problem.

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