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    Need Assistance ASAP

    So to start things off i have a saab 9-3 2006 2.0T with a 5 speed auto i just has the engine replaced about 1 week ago and i ran into a problem yesterday where i shut off my car in a parking lot and about ten minutes later it had compression but barely wanted to turn over after a couple of tries got the car running again but i noticed some smoke coimg out of the exhuast and a little puddle of fuel (i put 93 octane) i took it back to my mechanic where i got the engine replaced and he is saying it is a ECM gone bad i had a check engine light come one but i dont have the codes with me any ideas of what it could be ?

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    Without codes you're asking us to second guess your mechanics opinion and the answers you get will be about as useful as the information you gave.

    If a genuine Saab mechanic is telling you that you have a bad ECM, you probably have a bad ECM. If a foreign car shop put in a reman long block the ECM is a good strong possibility, a short block adds to the number of different possibilities and without codes, a good used engine from a salvage yard installed by the service station on the corner is anybody's guess.

    That said, the small amount of information you provided could be describing a hydro lock and this could be caused by a leaky injector, or the computer. Easy enough to check and see if you have a cylinder filling with raw gas a few minutes after you shut down the engine and if you do, swapping injector locations will tell you if its the controller or the part.

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