Hey guys! I was at a local pull-a-part grabbing some parts for my 1998 Saab NG-900se (Ending up replacing the steering wheel and front grille with OG9-3 ones), however I went to look at newer saabs to see what parts were on them.
I then came across a 2006 - 2008 Saab 9-3 aero, that had the turbo still on it!

So, I looked up the part number on it (55557012) and sure enough it came back as a TD04HL-15T Turbo, which Is something I want to put on my 900SE in the future. I pulled it off, it was only $60. Turbine looked great, and has no shaft play.

Now, here's my question. Obviously I f***ed up, the hotside on the turbo obviously does not match up with the flange on my exhaust manifold. So what do I do now? Return the turbo, or spend some $$ on getting a hotside that has the proper flange. Maybe an adapter? Can someone help me out? Thanks!