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    Saab vs Honda Maint costs?

    Does anyone have experience and knowledge in this area? Iím pleased with my 93, bought from the original owner. As it gets older and as (expensive) repairs come up, I wonder how the cost of repairs for a 93 will compare to those of a Civic?

    There are more Civics out there, and probably more readily available parts for them.

    These factors make me think that maintaining a Civic would be less expensive than maintaining a 93 as both cars age.

    Am I about right?

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    It greatly depends if you can do most maintenance and repairs yourself. Saab parts are probably a bit more expensive than Honda parts but not too bad. Japanese cars are generally more reliable than European luxury cars and less expensive to maintain and repair. Your 9-3 is 15 years old now so you have consider the cost of maintaining/repairing versus the enjoyment you get out of the car.

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