Getting ready to replace the clutch master cylinder and/ or slave in my 99 saab 9-3. I'm well versed in mechanic work on american and japanese cars, but this will be the first time I dig into a saab. Just looking for advice/ tips on doing this work as well as a few guestions answered. I know the master is in the firewall, below the fuse box. Is the slave located in the same place or a different location? Any tips and tricks to getting both out? Do I need a pressure bleeder or does manual bleeding work fine? Thru my job and personal tools I have access to a car lift, many different sizes and types of sockets, air tools if needed. Need to fix this myself as I just spent $1600 on a new fuel tank, pump, lines, and filler neck for my trailblazer. Any help anyone can give me is greatly appreciated.