Hi All,

I have recently purchased a 2003 9-3 Vector Turbo which I am supper happy with and drives amazing, although I need some advice.
I have noticed a very small oil leak coming from the back of the engine. I have been monitoring it now for the past 4 weeks, and not a lot of oil is coming out, although it is still a nuisance and was wondering if anyone has had a similar problem or knows the main problem areas/repair estimates to get this fixed.

I believe I have located the leak coming from below the bolt in the first image.

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I have taken some photos below a bit closer up and you can see the freshest oil seems to be leaking out from the washer of said bolt pictured above. I have also included some other areas around the bolt which appear quite wet, however I think it may just be from the oil hitting these areas when driving.

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I guess my questions are,
Does anybody know if this is a common problem for the 9-3's?
If it is just a washer that needs to be replaced - is it a SAAB OEM washer?
Or is it something more serious which I am completely missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks all!