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OK, thanks for the advice. So you think I would be better off seeking out an IBM or Leveno with XP and the 9 pin serial port as well as the
card slot, correct?
Thanks again,
If you already have a Saab TIS disk and it shows a parallel port selected for the dongle, stay away from laptops with parallel docking ports. Great for using on the desktop as a regular computer workstation, terrible if the used Saab TIS you get was originally set up for printer port dongle. If you get the Dell and you find yourself holding an old Global TIS disk that defaults to the parallel printer port, I can make and send CD copies by mail that will save you hours of frustration. Another thing that will save you hours of frustration is reloading the windows operating system and drivers after every unsuccessful TIS install because TIS does not completely uninstall.

The thing about buying, or downloading a copy of previously installed TIS is that you don't know what you've got until you install it and if you haven't gotten Saab TIS, whatever you get might work just fine in the laptop you already have. The PCMCIA slot is a convenience that allows you to copy the Saab card you have so you can stick a spare in the glove box for traveling. Any GM dealer that has been around for more than a few years has a Tech 2, but they don't usually have a Saab card to stuff into it, or blanks to make one.