Hi everyone !

I have had my 1994 Saab (2.3l) for the last 7 years with absolutely no issue, but its first problem might be the last, as my mechanic is about to give up... it only has 170k and I don't want to abandon it !
here is what happens : at some random moments (whatever the engine temperature) I get "holes" in the acceleration, and it begins to slow down, until it eventually stops. I start the car again : all good until the next random stumble and die pattern.
Now I found the workaround but it's pretty dangerous : I turn the key off then back again while driving, after the first acceleration "hole" and there she goes again ! I get all sorts of orange engine lights blinking, sometimes but not all the time.
I bought the same car with the same engine so my mechanic can use it as an organ donor, and he has changed a lot but he is now about to give up.

has anybody seen this kind of behavior before ?

thanks in advance for your help !