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    Installation eines Aux-Anschlusses in einem 2005er Saab 95 mit Denso Navi

    Hallo zusammen!

    Ich habe mir vor kurzem einen 2005er 9-5 zugelegt und möchte nun einen Aux-Anschluss hinzufügen. Leider ist das nicht so einfach wie bei dem 2002er 9-5 den ich schon besitze. Das Problem schein hierbei das Navigationssystem zu sein.

    Meine Frage:
    - Gibt es einen Adapter, der nicht all zu teuer ist und an diesem Modell funktioniert (Navi Nr. 5374517) oder ist das Navigationssystem was das angeht wie das 2006er Modell des Navis (Navi Nr. 12758441), die die Selbe Pin-Belegung haben und von außen ziemlich Baugleich aussehen, beziehungsweise würde der 2006er Adapter an einem 2005er Navi funktionieren.

    Vielen Dank für die Antworten schon im Vorraus,

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    Hello everybody!

    I recently bought a 2005 9-5 and now I want to add an aux connector. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as the 2002 9-5 that I already own. The problem seems to be the navigation system.

    My question:
    - Is there an adapter that is not too expensive and works on this model (Navi No. 5374517) or is the navigation system as far as the 2006 model of the Navis (Navi No. 12758441) are concerned, which have the same pin assignment and look pretty identical from the outside, or the 2006 adapter would work on a 2005 navigation system.

    Thank you for the answers in advance,
    Kind regards

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    I used to have a 9-5 with the Denso navigation and was looking to find a way to connect an aux-in to the CD player input. I never really found a way to do this but it seems possible:

    There is a complete kit for the Denso headunit from SaabAux.com. Not cheap but seems to be a clean and quick solution:

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    In another car of mine, I had found a walk through on installing an aux port in line with the xm radio. The aux port had 5 pins on the back and I found it at radio shack when they were still around. When you plug in your aux cord it would cut out the xm radio and instead use the sound from the aux cord. However, there was still a very low amount of sound still still coming through so I have to change to xm "radii I'd" channel so that there is no other sounds. The write up said that you could do the same thing through your CD player or tape deck but you would need a blank tape or a CD with a file on it that would play but have no sound. I cannot find that part anymore but I'm sure they exist somewhere. On a side note... I recently discovered that there is a tape cassette adapter you can buy that will turn your tape deck into a Bluetooth receiver and bypass all of that trouble.

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