Hello everybody

I have a 900 2.0 turbo (year 1993, engine 2.0 L B202 I4) with gearbox problems. 1st and 3rd gear are very difficult to get into and I have to replace or repair the gearbox.

According to the code in the engine compartment, a GM45614 is built in my SAAB. I read on various forum posts that a manual gearbox with gearbox code GM55X06 should be installed for a turbo.

Can an expert give me his opinion on the gearboxes? I have to replace the existing gearbox, should it be a GM55X06 or can I also use a GM45X14?

If so, how important is position X in the GM45X14 - currently I have a 6 (input gear 31 teeth, output gear 26 teeth). Could it be a different configuration?

Many thanks for your help,


Gearbox type (code) for SAAB 900 2.0 turbo S Aero