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    I went through the same thing with my car a few years ago. That is, Low Coolant light coming on when the coolant level was ok. I ended up having the coolant tank and hoses replaced by a trusted Saab service center. No problem since. I think the sensor in the tank goes bad. The sensor comes out and could be replaced separately but apparently isn't available that way. Good luck with yours. Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by tpdtopcop View Post
    No havenít checked that? Are they easy to change? How would I check? The car is heating normally so I didnít think that would be bad.
    should I also just change out the tank just to eliminate that as the problem? I do not see any leaks from tank or at seams!
    Replacing a thermostat is cheap.BTW hv ever change it since owning the car?

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