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    Rear wiper cap question

    When I bought my '99 9-5 wagon (base model), it was missing the cap on the rear wiper. The hose for the fluid was also plugged up but I fixed that. I ordered a cap from eeuroparts but when I went to install it, it cracked. Perbaps I pushed too hard expecting it to "snap" into place. There is a slight snap or click when it attached to the hinge pin of the arm but when pushed or rotated onto the washer port (?) It just kind of rests there leaving me thinking that the fluid would just leak around the cap instead of being diverted to the spray jets.

    Here's a picture of the part:
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    Anyone have any input or experience with this issue?

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    Hi from Downunder.
    These can be tricky to fit or refit. I've removed the one on my '01 wagon a few times to clean it and fortunately haven't had any trouble. It is however the original part.
    I just take care that once clipped to the wiper arm not to push too hard to get it to sit into the washer outlet running thru the middle of the wiper shaft. I don't remember getting any kind of "click" when mines in place, more a firm feeling that it's in position correctly.
    The joys of working with fairly fragile plastic parts I guess.

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