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    ABS brake malfunction - traction/stability control failure warning lights

    Good evening guys,

    Hoping someone can help or has got an idea whats wrong with my Saab!

    Its a 2006 93 estate vector sport - it came up with a number of warning information today.

    - ABS brake malfunction (orange light on dashboard too)

    - Stability control failure

    - Traction control failure

    Also an icon on the dashboard with a orange triangle with a car skidding in between (for the traction&stability)

    Any information is appreciated, thank you.


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    Knowing the captured error code would would save a considerable amount of troubleshooting time and without any code the best suggestion I can offer is to check the rear ABS sensor wires. These things do tend to brake within a couple of inches of the wire ties near the rear wheels and are easily repaired without pricey parts replacement.

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