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    What is in this bolt here? And help with gearbox not working properly.

    The other day I was changing my gear oil. on my saab 2001 make. 2.0t manual transmission. the car has gone 290.000 kilometers. (approx. 180.000 miles)

    I screwed out the wrong bolt. No liquid came out, but the bolt was a little wet. I am scared that there should be a liquid of some sort in here, but what? (Please see pictures attached)

    PS: I found the right screws to take out for me to change the gear oil (1: filling plug. 2: leveling plug. 3: discharge plug). The gear oil drainage plug had a lot of metals and gunk on it!
    My gear box is very hard to get in reverse. Changed the oil and hoped it would help. It did not.....

    I know that there is a manufacturer problem with these gearboxes, so that they are hard to get in reverse and the first gear (I think).

    Do you guys have any tips of how to get my gearbox to go smoother without any big repairs or expenses?

    Hope someone can help me, and looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards,

    PS!: The picture of the plug with the metal on it, is not the plug that is outlined in the other pictures. It is the bottom drainage plug for the gear oil.
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    Maybe it is too late, but this bolt is used to know the right level of gearbox fluid, you open it while filling up, and at the moment the fluid starts going out through it, means is the right level.

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    Geoffrey Storey
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    What is in this bolt here? And help with gearbox not working properly.

    If you have trouble getting in first and reverse gear, you might need to do a gear stick alignment check.

    According to the Haynes manual, there is an alignment hole (covered by a plug) at the top of the gearbox housing. Remove the plug and with gear in 4th you should be able to insert a screwdriver with a 4mm dia shaft (only use a screwdriver so as not to lose it into the gearbox), locking the gearbox in 4th gear. Now remove the gear lever gaiter and mounting frame and at the front of the gear lever housing there should be another alignment hole into which you should be able to insert a 4mm dia screwdriver or drillbit. If you can't then the gear linkage isn't aligned as it should be. To adjust this slacken the pinch-bolt where the gear selector rod passes through the bulkhead (near the rubber coupling). Move the gear lever so the screwdriver or drillbit can be inserted into the hole (with gear lever in 4th). Tighten the pinch-bolt in the engine bay and then remove all drillbits and screwdrivers (or whatever you used) and replace everything else. Test to make sure you can engage all gears smoothly and that you can remove the key with gear in reverse. Test drive. That should be it.

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