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    95 Aero Auto 2005 Dipstick tube removal

    Good day,

    I have a 95 Aero 2005 Auto. Has anybody removed the ATF dipstick tube? The problem is, I can't remove the dipstick it's stuck, so thought I would start by removing the dipstick tube. Any help would be most appreciated.

    This is what happens in a lockdown you start tinkering with all those items on the list that you have.

    Managed to remove the dipstick tube with the dipstick still inside it. The tube (inside) and the dipstick were very dry except for the end of the dipstick where you could see the ATF level, I hadn't checked the ATF level for awhile, and believe that by checking it regularly some ATF fluid is left on the tube lubricating it. Got the dipstick out by pushing on the bottom where the level indicator is and pulling on the ring-pull at the top. In future will check the level on a regular basis

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