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    European Delivery ends for BMW

    BMW has a big delivery center in Munich. Most customers are German but customers from other countries go there for car delivery, too. American are among them but that will end soon. The last day to order a European Delivery car is May 18, it was announced today. The last day to pick up the car is in September 2020.


    First Saab. Then BMW. When will China Youngman Automobile Group make a bid for BMW like they did for Saab?

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    That's too bad, I think you had quite the interesting experience doing the AD with your BMW. I really enjoyed my ED experience with Saab abd hard to believe that is now 14 years ago.

    I have been tempted to do this with Volvo but the one I want (XC90) is a bit out of my budget. But then again, it is a very unique experience and a pretty good deal as well. Hope to do this again in the future.

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