My Name is Emre Suat. I'm sorry to bother you, I need some technical information about TTID drivetrain. I'm ok if you don't want to share anything or kick me out just tell me. I'm using an Alfa Romeo 159. And modified it for last 3 years. Now I'm pushing 300HP Daily on 1.9 JTDM 16V engine, same as 1.9 TID engine. You are lucky you drive an SAAB in that matter. Because SAAB, OPEL, ALFA ROMEO uses same engine or 1.9 lt Diesel. But ALFA Romeo chooses to use small gearbox on 159. And this is keeping us to extract more power from the engine. Our GearBox is called M32. And your's are F40. I want to swap to F40 to help me get reliable power from my engine.

I know that in Alfa 159 2.4lt JTDM engine also uses F40 gearbox. But its diff. location is placed up, I cannot use it. I have to use GearBox from Saab 9-3 or Opel Vectra C. Also I have to buy new flywheel and clutch kit for it.

My quesion is this: Someone told me that TTID and TID uses F40. But TTID has more power and torque, so its flyWheel has to have something to coup with that power. Would you please share any information that you have for it? I need to know that. Maybe I will buy clutch + flywheel from TTID otherwise I will buy normal TID set.

Thank you very much in advance.