I did a search for my issue and found similar threads, but from 2012, 2013 and 2017... and rather than resurrect an old thread that didn't answer the questions, I have decided to start a new thread.

My 2005 9-3 ARC auto has a solid yellow engine light. It drives fine and seems powerful and smooth enough... and is doing 8.1L per 100km... so, not limping. It pulls strongly and the turbo needle goes to the end of the white, nearly to the red if I stand on it... I am happy with the performance, it starts fine, idles nicely... happy days!

When I first got the car, the yellow engine light was on, I googled 9-3 issues and replaced the fuel cap... after about half an hour's driving, the light went out. The next day, however, the light came back on... solid yellow.

So, I plugged in a UBD11 scan tool and it came up with 6 codes:

cylinder 1 injector A circuit

cylinder 2 injector A circuit

cylinder 3 injector A circuit

cylinder 4 injector A circuit

Wastegate Actuator A Low

Wastegate Actuator A High

So, in my research on the other threads, code PO245 suggests a failing ecm.... however both of my scan tools bought up the same codes and it seems to me that the PO245 is to do with a wastegate issue, rather than an ecm failure? As I said, the car is running perfectly, it is not using alot of fuel, it doesn't smell of fuel, no black smoke to suggest it is running rich, starts with no throttle... plenty of go. Also, why would the yellow light have gone out after I replaced the gas cap and filled the tank.... only to come back on the next day... but again, absolutely no running issues?

I am running 98 octane fuel, I put some injector cleaner (nulon) in the fuel tank

Should I cancel the codes and see if they come back on? Should I leave it be, as it is running so beautifully? Or should I start saving for a replacement ecm?

Any advice gratefully accepted