HELP! I have had this '02 Saab 9-3 2.0 turbo Convertible, Had some problems with the shift linkage and then Neutral Safety Switch(Automatic Trans.)
I was Getting the Yellow Trans. Gear Light and Attempted to Clean & Re-grease N.S.S. It Seemed to Run Fine 1 Time to Store and Back. I did Put Some Gas in it at the store, and then the dreaded Yellow Gear Transmission warning Light Came Back On. So that means 3rd Gear Starts and then OD. But then WORSE THAN THAT; The Central Warning Light Came On and Car will Not Start at All. It has been Months Now and I finally Found Another 9-3 with the Same N.S.S. and Replaced the One I Drilled and Screwed.
However, I Can Not Get the Car to Try to Start or Fire Basically. It will Turn Over, But It Seems Like the Central Warning Light is Not Allowing the Car to Start Because It Detects a Major Malfunction. Now, I have Been Reading and Feel Like I should Look at ABS Wheel Sensors as the Car had been sitting before I drove It, The Brakes Needed to Be Seated After (I am Sure Rusting the Rotors from Sitting Outside for Months)I have Checked the Main Fuse #2 and Small #'s 12, 15 and 17. All Fuses are Good. The Traction Control Off Light is Definitely Lit when key On as Well As Everything Else, But I am Having a Hard Time Knowing Where to Start Now. Any Help Would be Much APPRECIATED!