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    Significant oil leak on 1998 Saab 900SE NG. Where is it coming from?

    1998 Saab 900SE NG convertible with 2.0 liter turbo.

    This is my daughter's car. All of the sudden there is significant oil dripping from engine when itís running.

    Today I got under the engine with it running. Shone a flashlight up there. I couldn't tell where it was coming from. Oil was being flung off the belt and going everywhere, including on me. The only thing I could tell is that it did not appear to be coming from the oil pressure sensor.

    What are the common culprits for oil leaks on this engine?

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    The seal around the Crankshaft (behind the pulley.) the oil pump is located behind a cap there. You'll have to replace one seal and an o-ring. (its like $20 worth of parts.)

    This video shows it quite well.


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