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    ECM missing on bus

    Well I finally purchased a Tech2 Clone thinking this will help me figure out whats going on with my two 2006 9.3 Aero convertibles. Bot have been dealing with stability control/ABS codes. The AC stops working gauges freeze when the ABS lights up and it will disappear and gauges start working again and a host of related issues for a while now and finally rendered both of them parked in the garage.

    Silver car had the stability control issue for the previous owner as well but I was able to get it running again by replacing the battery that did not hold charge and by doing the relay jump. It ran great for 6 months until one morning when the dreaded triangle showed up on the dash.

    ESP+ 2105 00
    ECM missing on bus

    Is there a approach to determine if the ECM is bad?



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    I don't get on here as often as I did before I turned my Saab into something big enough to tow the new boat and 4 weeks later you may have already fixed your problems.

    The best approach to your ECM is a good visual inspection of fuse and under hood wiring. If the fuse is good and wire harness shows no sign of damage then a ECM that doesn't communicate is most likely, but not always a bad ECM.
    An intermittent broken / shorting ABS sensor wire can cause some pretty strange problems and the rear wheel wire flex point is the most likely location for the issues you described.

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