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    2005 9-5 Aero, prior to the 9-5 had a 9000CS that had been tweaked by Abbott Racing in the UK
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    Saab 95 Aero MY05 - Fault Codes & Indicator and Warning Lights

    Hello All,

    Happy 10th birthday to SAABWORLD long may you last!

    Hope my story below is not too long and boring, the first part is what actually happened and the second is what codes I downloaded with an OBDII.

    I have a 95 Aero Auto (Sentronic) RHD MY05, a few days ago after parking the car and shifted from D to Park the car jerked quite viciously and made a thumping noise as the shifter moved from D through N, R to P. I switched off the engine.

    Restarted the car and got the following warning lights; Central warning light, Brake warning light, Handbrake warning light (the handbrake was on), ABS warning light and Airbag warning light, Engine malfunction indicator light. Fuel gauge showed empty, the Selector lever indicator is showing ‘P’ and it is in Park.

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    Switched off and restarted; fuel gauge now registering, the warning lights on as above plus Automatic-transmission indicator on, car in 'Park' no Selector lever light on.'

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    Engaged ‘R’ accompanied with a jerk and thumping noise, it would however reverse, note no Selector lever light on. Engaged ‘D’ with more jerking and thumping noises, no Selector lever light and the car would barely move forward ‘limp mode’?

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    When I bought the car four years ago it came with a trunk full of spare parts, one of them was this ‘gear selector position sensor’.

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    Should I replace the one in the car with it?

    Second part of the story. I downloaded the following codes with an OBDII reader. The reader is an OBDLink LX which I sourced from Scantool.net and used an Android app on my cell phone from Torque Pro.

    It gave me two current faults; P1623 and P1625 both relating to the Powertrain, no SAAB’s mentioned – BMW, Chrysler, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Dodge etc.
    Went to this site https://saabinfo.se/en/og-9-5/error-...2-error-codes/ and looked up the codes there and got the following:

    P1623 Immobilizer Code Word/ID Number

    P1625 B+ Supply To VCRM Fan Circuit Malfunction

    I have no idea what these codes are telling me. Any help would be most welcome.

    Kind regards,
    Tuan Pickard

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    Hi, I'm new here so I hope I am following the rules properly, are you sure that you don't have any additional codes, I have had a problem very similar to this on my 02 Aero estate auto and it turned out to be the Linear Solenoids in the gearbox valve body and the transmission control module (TCM). This is a well known problem and is related not just to Saabs but to all cars fitted with the Aisin-Warner AW 55/50 gearbox. Many people change the gearbox when faced with this problem but there is a strong chance that the TCM will be goosed and the gearbox change will not fix the problem !!.

    I have taken the liberty of attaching a link to a thread on UKSaabs website where I am also a member which discusses this problem in some detail. You have some slightly weird warning lights on which may point to the SID as there is a connection between the TCM, SID and Instrument display (for display of the selected gear) which could cause your missing gear indication but I have no experience with that personally so it's just a hunch. I did follow an american procedure for cleaning of the linear solenoids which you may want to watch as the detail is very good, I could not find anywhere to buy new solenoid caps though so I had to remove mine and then refitted them later (there are other online videos that show that).



    Good Luck

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