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    2004 Saab 95 BCB stg2
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    Gremlin in my 95

    I have an electrical issue I cannot figure out to save my life.

    Cars been running great. Best Iíve felt since Iíve had it the last 2 years. Drove home from work one day last week, shit it off like normal. Go out the next day and wham. Wonít start.

    So I naturally pulled up the back seat to list to the fuel pump. No pumping. Bought new Bosch pump. Installed. Excited and go to start and nothing. Iíve narrowed it to thereís no power to the pump. Thereís no power to the fuel pump fuse.

    Installed new fuel pump relay. Still nothing. Checked all the 60amp fuses. All good. Where do I go from here? I am an electrical idiot so need any explanations to be basic. So I understand. Also, thereís some weird 3 prong plug next to the fuel pump as well. Wth is that? Anyways, any help is appreciated. Love this car and do not want to not have it. Thanks

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    Your post was in the moderation queue for a week but is visible now. Still having this problem or is it fixed by now?

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