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    Front speakers (door & dash) no longer work

    Hello everyone,

    I have a 2003 Saab 9-3 SE and all the speakers except for the back right one stopped working. Only the two back speakers ever worked when I first bought this car last year.

    The turn signal & alert sounds still work though.

    I am hesitant to take my car into some car audio place to have them replace the speakers, as I know the Saab system is a bit difficult, I don't want them to ruin anything that is working.

    Would you suggest that I look into the amp, or to replace the speakers? When I hit a bump in the road, one of the front speakers will work for a bit. So I am thinking the speakers work, just aren't connecting?

    I'm not sure!!! Haha. If anyone could help me with that, I will gladly pay on PayPal or something for your troubles. Music is a big part of my daily life, I would love to experience it fully in my car.

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    Is this for a convertible? At this age, the surrounds on the speakers have probably rotted. I'd start by taking off the speaker grills and see if the speakers are intact. If not, then replacing them would be the first step. There's nothing particularly weird about them. The dashboard speakers are standard 3.5" models, and the rears are 6.5", if I remember right. The convertibles use different rear speakers than the hardtops. If you have door speakers, they're 2 ohm 6.5" woofers, which actually are fairly odd, and are best sourced from Saab. They still sell them for around $60 each. If your issue isn't the speakers, then you may be looking at a new head unit or a wiring issue.

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    FWIW I just replaced all 6 speakers in two 9-3 convertibles. I used a basic Kicker 3.5" in the dash, a Kicker 6.5" in the rear, and the 6.5" bass drivers out of a JBL component set. The JBLs are 4 ohm, and they overdrive a little, but it's nothing dialing back the bass doesn't handle.

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