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    Quote Originally Posted by Mjollnir81 View Post
    Indeed. Same switch. Not the easiest to replace but not the worst. You have to replace it from under the car. The wiring that connects to the starter and alternator has to be removed and pushed aside. It’s chained together. Starter has to be removed from bell housing but can be laid aside. Then you have access to switch. New switch is probably not the same size but but the same size threads. I used an OXY sensor socket (7/8”) worked but a tad loose to install new one. Old one I cut the wire and used deep socket to remove. Two beer job.
    Well those two beers were WELL EARNED! Got the new switch fitted but what a pig of a job. Cramped, awkward...haven't done a repair this challenging for a long time. Certainly got to know the underside of my wagon intimately! Worst part was getting the 17mm lower starter nut off, my arms went numb. Old switch was 24mm and new one was 22mm, I'm glad I had the oxy socket.

    Still sore, joys of doing these kinds of things in your mid 50's. Mind you a good primer for the upcoming PCV #6 upgrade which will be happening in a week or two once the parts arrive.

    Thanks again for everyone who contributed....I'm for for a shower and coma.

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