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    Erratic Shifting, Stalling when Braking

    My 2007 9-3 2.0t has been plagued with weird symptoms for a few years. The newest and most distressing symptom is that it is starting to stall when I brake after running at 30-40 mph for.... maybe 5 minutes. This is not something I've ever experienced in an automatic, but when I had my 99 9-3 manual it was the IAC.

    The other symptoms - about once every 3 months I'll get in the car in the morning and crank and crank and it just won't start. Then if I keep cranking or let it sit for a few minutes it will eventually kick and just billow white smoke for a minute or so. I'm assuming that is a flooded engine running super rich for a bit. This has never resolved, but never really gotten better either. About a month ago I started experiencing some erratic shifting it seems only when the engine (or trans) is fairly cool. Like less than 10 minutes of driving. It seems unable to decide between two gears - feels like 2nd and 3rd - and will keep trying to shift between the two. Eventually it makes a decision and if the pedal is down the car takes off like a rocket, and when it does so jerks quite violently. This doesn't ever happen at highway speed when stepping on it to get up a hill or pass, so only lower gears.

    This car had the computer replaced a couple years ago when the original gave up the ghost. Was throwing which ever code corresponds to Bank 1 misfire. At the time I thought why not have the shop put in a stage 1. Don't know as though that would account for any of the above, but it made it a few years without showing up. Spark plugs are a year and a half give or take, air filter is about 6 months old, current oil is Mobil 1 with about 1000 miles on it. I did just have a P0101 - MAF sensor code and ended up cleaning out the MAF sensor and the shifting issue got worse and that is when the stalling started.


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    I can think of a half dozen replaceable parts that can cause what you describe, but the best place to start is where air meets the engine.
    Give your throttle body a super good cleaning and then look for what might still need to be fixed.

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