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    Whatís the trick to re-seating the battery cover please?

    I think that I see what needs to happen, but my hands arenít finding the magic. Iím clear on the outer side of the battery case - the one thatís closer to the wheel, and itís like that wiper fluid cap wants to go through the hole, but..just not quite gettiní there.

    Also, is there something I must do to help the Saab get its mind right after having a dead battery...computer things to re-set, or can the Saab figure that out on her own?

    Thank you!

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    The trick to getting the washer filler cap through the hole is to line the filler neck up with the hole, so give it a twist it is adjustable.

    Best way to avoid screwy electrical issues when the car sits for extended periods of time is to use a battery tender to maintain the charge. Quickest way to eliminate a bunch of screwy electrical issues after letting a battery go dead in the car is to give the car a complete system reset by pulling the NEG battery cable.

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