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    2008 93 1.9TTiD Starting issie

    Hi all,
    I've had a starting issue with my 1.9TTiD ever since I bought it 2 years ago. It's 2008 model.
    Basically it seems to occur when the car has been left for a few days. I'll go to start the car, wait for the glow plug light and then start it. It'll turn over at a normal speed just won't start. I do this 3 or 4 times and then give up. The strange thing is, when I come back to it around 10 minutes later it starts first time.
    When it first happened I assumed it was the battery, because when it happens jump starting from another car works. However I got a new one and nothing changed of course. It happens maybe once every 3 weeks. Maybe more when it gets a bit colder during winter.
    Glow plugs all measure 0.7 Ohms.
    The other thing I've noticed is that the glow plug light on my dash never seems to be illuminated for a particularly long time... I was under the impression it was supposed to illuminate for 3 seconds at normal ambient temperature but even when it's dead cold it flashes on for about half a second at best.
    When I've tried to measure voltage at the glow plug connectors I haven't been able to measure anything at all.
    Any help or suggestions for debugging would be fantastic!

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    I had same issue with a VectraC, fitted new battery no luck with that, I was advised by a Vectra C forum member to change the starter motor I was a little sceptical as the starter sounded fine. I changed it and left the car overnight so I knew it was cold, bingo it started first time. Not saying it would cure your issue but just passing on my experience.

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