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    Steering wheel/key won’t turn and battery is dead

    Okay, so my car was sitting and needs a jump. However, the steering wheel and ignition are locked. The key is also not unlocking/locking the doors, despite having a brand new battery in the fob.

    The car battery was replaced over the summer, so dealing with a pretty new battery. The car has just been sitting for about a month due to working from home with COVID.

    Any suggestions on how to get the car started? Thanks!

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    Not quite sure if you are referring to the fob as the key, or the emergency key tucked inside the fob doesn't unlock the door, but if the key inside the fob doesn't unlock the door so you can open the hood to access the battery, you will need to get yourself a lockout kit as it doesn't matter how good your key-fob battery is if the car battery is dead.

    Not always the best advice for newer cars, but when you do get to where you can charge the battery, I suggest removing the negative cable while charging. Doesn't seem to matter if you have a Saab, Chevy, or Mercedes, the computers of this era can get confused when the batteries run down and pulling the negative cable while charging from near to dead helps to prevent odd future problems.

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