I noticed that I was having some oil leaking under the direct ignition (the photo up close on the oil cap- the yellow circled area). Checked PCV valve, works fine. But now have smoke appearing from behind the engine, sometimes you can hear the oil dripping onto to what I am assuming is the exhaust. Was going to change the Oil Pressure Sensor but could not find the top bolt for the starter, is the photo with the two circles - the yellow circle the top bolt to the starter? Also, while I was trying to work on it I broke the hose that goes to where the red circle is at (you can see in the overall engine photo that its the pipe at the top right next to the 8, that leads to a check valve sort of piece).

Sorry if this is confusing, if you need more clarification I will try to make it clearer if you have questions.
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I have also been needing to refill the antifreeze every few drives, and not sure where it is leaking from, any common areas to look at?