2008 9-5.

Headlights are
OFF in DRL position (position 1) - (I have fuse 35 out so I don't see any daytime running lights coming on.)
ON in parking light position (position 2) - (low beam or DRL, I'm not sure.)
OFF in auto-on position (position 3)

Probably not a fuse issue, as the headlights both come on together in position 2. High beams will flash, but will not remain on.

I poked at the relays (14 and 15) under the hood. I swapped them with no change in behavior. They're probably fine, as the low-beams and hi-beams both come on under certain conditions.

It occurred to me just now, however, that it's acting like the lights don't "know" the car is on. That is, in position 3, the lights come on automatically when the car is on, and go off when the key off. But in this case, the signal isn't getting through. There might be some simple fix for that.
- Does that sound like a reasonable interpretation?
- Is there another fuse/relay that might account for that?
- Any other connections that might be bad I should look at?