1999 9-5 wagon... I have 2 of the 3 possitions programmed for either myself or my daughter... Occasionally, none of the buttons will work. No clicks, no motor noise, nothing. A little history on the vehicle... Last year, I bought heated seats from a guy that was parting out a similar year 9-5 (might have been 2000 or 01) only he clearly didnt know how to pull seats as he separated the motor/base from the seat itself. I had to dismantle the original seats and move the brackets/vase/motors over to the new seats. All wires are good and connectors well seated. However, I noticed the black box mounted under the seat (electric seat memory unit part # 4658480) was kind of broken. Luckily it has the face with the part number on it. Without power to move the seat, it was tricky to disconnect but I removed the box/semi exposed circuit board. I cleaned it up with a dry toothbrush as it was greasy and dusty. A lot of the terminal points were brown in spots as well which made me think heat/burnt. After I plugged it all back together, everything seems to work like normal again. I'm looking to replace that unit some time with a used one.

Now, I posted all of this info in a local FB group that I'm in. Someone replied saying that it sounded more like an issue with the switch.

Anyone else have any experience with similar situation and or thought processes?