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    Hanging Idle

    Hello, Everyone. This is my first trip into the Saab Universe. I picked up a black, 2007 9-3T Aero from a friend who moved back home and away from our area. With, 104K miles, it's well broken in but also well loved. So far, it only has one annoying habit that I would like to diagnose. The 6-speed manual is smooth and solid, but the issue is a hanging idle each time we shift. It's especially apparent going first to second and second to third, but it occurs in all gears. When upshifting from first to second at around 3K RPM, the engine speed will increase around 500 RPM, then slowly die back down. My friend said he was told this was some kind of emissions thing. I guess I'm asking is this common? Either way, is there a known fix? Thanks in advance.

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    Hmm, I had a 2006 9-3 Linear 5 speed but I don't remember this ever happening to me.

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