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    I replace my front pads and rotors and...

    I just replaced my front pads and rotors on my 97 900ng which was pretty straight forward. They were working fine before but when I went to put the car back in its space the brakes were suddenly spongy and going to the floor. They come back up with pumping but then started going to the floor again. I did press the passenger side caliper piston in quite a bit which might've over pressured the lines as some brake fluid was forced out of the reservoir and maybe that did something. I tried bleeding at just the front ones but that didn't change anything. I am going to try to bleed the brakes again and see if it works.
    I find it difficult to imagine that the master cylinder or the vacuum servo went while I was doing the work and I was hoping someone may have an idea...

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    Hi Mary:

    Not sure whether you resolved you problem.
    If you would like a referral (not certain where you are in Vermont), call JG Saab Service in Lunenburg Ma. 978-342-6860

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    I had a similar issue. I realized I had re-installed the wire spring on the outside of the caliper on the wrong side of the tabs. Once corrected, the pedal firmed up.

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