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    How are these in the long term?

    Hey, all! I owned a Saab 9-3 convertible (2002, if I recall correctly) a bit ago and am now thinking of getting back into the Saab game. I loved my old Saab, and am now looking into one for a second car that will see mainly a short commute (<5 miles) and some occasional winter use. There's a really nice 2008 9-3 Aero XWD that caught my eye and it in the right general price range, but it has ~160k on the clock. This got me wondering, how long can one reasonably expect a Saab of this sort to go for? I'm used to mainly Toyotas and Subarus, so 160k doesn't scare me outright, but I would never buy a used Dodge with that much on the clock.

    How have all of you gotten on in the higher mileage world? I know it's very owner dependent, but I thought I'd ask for opinions anyway. Thanks!

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    Saabs can last awhile but the Aero XWD might have XWD problems with limited spare parts. Anybody else with a different opinion?

    In Seattle, there's an independent garage who became an official Saab repair place after Saab ended car production (Scanwest Autosport) that does a brisk business of repairing old Saabs. Not too many Saab 96's but they have a brisk business of repairing 900's, which is a 1980's model up to 1992 as well as NG900/OG9-3, which is a 1990's model.

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