I have a 2002 9-5 Aero Estate and am about to replace all coolant hoses, water pump, oil pressure switch and possibly the Timing Chain and sprockets and Balance Shafts etc.
Just wondering if it would be easier to remove the entire drivetrain rather than just the engine & transmission. I am assuming that fitting the drivetrain in the factory is basically straightforward.
I have a vehicle hoist, block and tackle and a beam on the roof to hang it from, and also an engine crane etc.
I was thinking of removing all the fastenings etc with the car on the ground then lifting the body on the hoist, with the bonnet removed from the vehicle first.
Trying to do this in the car looks like the proverbial PITA, anybody know if this is feasible or how the factory used to fit the drivetrain?
Many thanks for any help.