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    What Radio For My Car

    I just picked up a 2001 Viggen convertible that has an aftermarket Pioneer unit installed. The previous owner said he bought it that way and the person he bought it from said the radio shorted out and he replaced it. I would like to get an original radio back in it if possible. Can someone let me know what the original radio was, and hopefully a resource to find a replacement?


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    There are plenty of resources for OE radios, but be prepared to pay handsomely for them. If your Viggen isn't in concourse shape, it may not be worth the investment. If the head unit was replaced, the amp for the door speakers may or may not still be intact. It is behind the side panle of the center stack in the passenger footwell. If you're handy and have a T-25 torx driver, it's pretty easy to pull the glove box then the panel to see if it's still there and connected. If the Pioneer was installed at a Best Buy or somewhere like that, they may have used a harness adapter; hopefully the harness wasn't hacked to connect the Pioneer.

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