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    How do you diagnose the Amp 1?

    2004 9-3 2.0T Convertible Linear.

    Every time I've seen how somebody had repaired there Amp 1 it's been by chiseling off the corrosion, replacing a bulgy capacitor or reflowing a cracked solder joint.

    Being a 'vert the Amp one is up off the floor so it's sparkly clean inside with no bad capacitors and a careful inspection with a magnifying glass has revealed no cracked solder that I can see.

    I read somewhere how someone fixed his by replacing the PAL001A transistor.
    Mine looks good with solid solders and no scorch marks or smells.

    So, how do you diagnose the problem?

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    There are some things that even the best DIY'r can't do at home and if you can't see an obvious bad solder connection, odds are you don't have the equipment you need to diagnose the problem. When my amp one failed I still had a complete Pace circuit board repair station and all the associated electronic test equipment. After a couple hours of testing I determined that a good used amp cost less than the parts to repair the fiber receiver.

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