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    2004 9-5 (9600) YS3E Model Series III 2.2 tid D233L
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    No start P0607 & P1380 codes 2004 9-5 (9600) Vector YS3E Model Series III 2.2 ti

    Request for help and advice please.

    Above failed to start for 5 second turn over on first use of the day then started immediately as normal on second attempt. One brief stop and restarted immediately first time. Drove fine then parked for a few hours (nose down slightly) then would turn over but not start. Runs (badly of course) on Easy Start but stops when spray stops.

    So fuel supply problem I assume. Unless the pump is inactive due to error code?

    P0607 & P1380 codes - related? As it's fuel related can a blocked fuel filter fool system to give a P0607? (I believe there is a low pressure pump in the injector pump unit that sucks fuel through the fuel filter, if it's struggling to draw fuel up could this trigger a P0607?). Or is there another code for a blocked fuel filter?

    Can the P0607 throw up a P1380 error if no communication between ECU and glow plug control module? Or vice versa? Or both? Can a glow plug control module fault fool system to give a P0607?

    WIS says for P0607 "Diesel Pump Temperature Sensor. Internal Fault Carry out SPS programming"
    WIS says for P1380 "Glow Control Unit Feedback Error Fault in glow plug circuit or in diagnostic lead between pin 9 of the glow plug control module and pin K35 of the engine control module."

    Surely these can't have come up separately at the same time can they?

    I can check the ECU lead and connection if I can get the connector off, will need to take the inlet manifold off first though. Pump has been covered in oil over time could this have seeped in and caued the fault(s)?

    Fuses, relays and glow plugs ok, any procedure to test the glow plug control module itself?

    If it's the ECU and not the connections (or glow plug control module) anyone know a SPS programmer around the Greater Manchester area? If that fails is the last chance saloon solution the transistor replacement as seen on youtube, has anyone tried this? (click for English subtitles if someone else wants to try it):- Bomba de Gasoil no funciona, SOLUCIONADO !!. el paso a paso de como solucionarlo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UL5qQmVSPMk

    Any thoughts please? Thanks for all input.

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    Your post ended up in the moderation queue but should be visible now. Hopefully you will get some help here.

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    It looks like your post was stuck in the cue for a bit and you may already know this but I did read your post and watch the vid. and your actual part might not be identical, as a generic fix, if this is your problem, this has a very good chance of fixing your problem.

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