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    Power steering

    Hoping someone can help/give me advice on the problem with my 2007 1.9Tid wagon.
    Power steering failed suddenly, was working fine when I parked the car one night, no power steering at all the next morning. Checked the connections to the pump (diesels have electric power steering), 12v supply and earth at the main connector, 12v ignition supply at the secondary connector. There is a Technical service bulletin issued January 2007 which basically says to add the module with a Tech2. Connected the Tech2 and firstly tried to communicate with the EHPS module. No communication. So then I removed the module thinking I could add it back again. Big mistake. Now the ECU reports EHPS not fitted and will not allow me to add the module. Diagnosed failed electric pump module. Sourced a good used pump online. Fitted that when it arrived, but still no power steering. Today I disconnected the wiring from the pump and the ECU to check for continuity in the bus wires. All checked OK. So I have power and bus connections at the pump but no power steering. Ran a full test of the bus with the Tech2, and could not communicate with the EHPS or the ICM. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

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    Please let us know the outcome. Very sad to hear this.

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