I m new on this forum. I own a SAAB 9.3 2.0t MY2009, with very km. I realized that I lost speed three of my cooling fan. I have the single fan system. So far, speed 1 is active, speed 2 is active, speed 3 is not different than speed 2 and speed 4 is ok.
WIS indicates that pins 1, 4 and 7 are grounded differently by the ecm to control the four speeds. It seems that
speed 1 is controled by pin 7
speed 2 by pin 4
speed 3 by pins 4 and 7
speed 4 by pins 1, 4 and 7.
I first use another fan relay, but it produces the same. I use another fan with the old and new relay. Same thing. So I decided to test the connections with an ohmeter to check open circuit.
In my case I have :
speed 1 open circuit for pin 1 instead of pin 7, no other open circuit.
speed 2 open circuit for pin 4 (ok), ni other open circuit
speed 3 open circuit for pins 4 and 7, pin 1 not active
speed 4 open circuit for pins 1,4 & 7. It seems I have no ground issue, taken from G30b.
So it seems I have a wiring issue, with inversion between pin 1 and 7. It s an idea. No DTC so far. I saw that wires for pins 1,4,7 are connected under the uec, but I don t know where exactly. So quite lost and really need help. Also whatever the speed selected via the tech2 output of the fan relay is the same, ie equivalent to the battery voltage. Really wonder how the speed is controled.
I searched on the WIS, on forums but can not find the answer ...