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    SAAB 91. Project of a car in popular B segment.

    I want to attract forum members attention to the project of SAAB-91.

    That's the concept 3d picture
    Name:  SAAB_91_Red_Side.jpg
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    And that's video game with 91 as the racing car

    Name:  91test_15.jpg
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    91 project was created by Facebook's "SAAB 91 Petition & Support Group".
    You can google it for more info. I will not post any links here.

    My opinion is in that 91 is very interesting and perspective car to produce.
    Group members have yet created exterior and now working hard on interior.

    That will not be just another cheap "B" class hatch. But it would be hi-tech
    car of a just small size. The important thing - it will be the first car with real
    Operating System, so you could install and run applications or browse Internet from passenger seats.

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    Thanks for sharing and welcome to the forum!

    Is all the information there is on the Facebook page available elsewhere? It makes it easily accessible but also makes it a bit difficult to follow the entire project from the beginning. Perhaps it's an idea to make more information available here on SAABworld? Either in this thread or you can also use the blog features of the site. Spam won't be an issue here.

    Here is the link so it's easy to access for others.

    Just some thoughts to make the information easy to read and follow.

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