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    Swedish couple travel around the world in a Saab 900

    There was a Swedish couple who drove from Sweden through Europe; through the Balkans; through Turkey, Jordan, Syria; Egypt through Iran; Pakistan and India to South East Asia. Then back to Sweden via China, Mongolia, Russia, the "Stans". I met them both at the 2007 Saab Festival in Trollhattan… they had timed it so they would be back for the festival after travelling through all the listed countries before heading home to the other side of Stockholm. An amazing couple!

    An superb diary of the trip and even more incredible photos are at the following link: Dream Trip link

    Looks like they are currently driving through Iceland in the same car! Other trips they have done


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    I split this post from the Denmark - Australia thread as it definitely deserves its own.

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    That is quite a, er, roofrack!

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