To remove

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1. Remove the cover over the hinge member, the D-pillar trim and the two mouldings between the C and D-pillars.
2. Remove the clips in the roof.
3. Remove the covers in the cargo net holders and remove the clips. Remove the cargo safety net holders.
Carefully bend down the roof.
4. Remove the sheet metal yoke over the front gas spring mounting. Get an assistant to hold the tailgate.

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5. Unsnap the gas spring from the ball joints.
6. Remove the gas spring.

To fit

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1. Lubricate the gas spring ball sockets with Gleitmo 805 (part no. 30 06 442) and press the gas spring into both ball joints.
2. Fit the metal clip over the ball joint.
3. Fit the cargo net holders by pressing on the clips and fitting the clips in the roof.

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4. Fit the roof moulding and D-pillar trim.