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    Is an electric car in your future or Saab's future?

    Saab has been looking into electric cars.

    Is an electric car in your future? I only have one car. Having an electric car might work often but if I drive to another city, I might not have enough juice to make it. Driving around in the city is usually not a problem since I don't drive hundreds of miles during the day.

    I wonder if cars will be beyond people's reach. This USA Today article says that a proposed 60 mpg standard would make cars $9,000 more. http://content.usatoday.com/communit...ort-suggests/1 Advocates and lobbyists say today the Obama administration will unveil a plan for fuel-economy standards on cars as high as 62 miles per gallon in 2025. The cost is projected to be less if a 40-some mpg requirement is used.

    What happens if cars become much more expensive? Australia may give us a clue. They have many smaller cities where you have to drive. City bus travel isn't good enough. Cars in Australia are more expensive (see Oceania and Asia board). Singapore is a case where cars are even more expensive. The country isn't very big and public transportation is very good for many areas of the country. Norway is another example of still more expensive cars.

    I am not fighting against electric cars, though. I am planning a garage and want to put a 220V outlet so that I could plug in a car, if I ever buy an electric car.

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    I drive a few miles from and to work so an electric car would be perfectly fine for that. It'll probably be better than a car with a combustion engine because short rides like that are not really good for a combustion engine because it doesn't really warm up. Especially in winter.

    But I only have one car so the range limit is a problem for other use. I can imagine households with more than one car would be able to work around the range limit but it could still be a problem.

    Will the electric car doesn't have any exhaust emissions, energy still has to come from somewhere like coal, oil or nuclear energy so I don't really see it as a global long-term solution. It will make the cities more liveable though because of the lack of sound and exhaust fumes.

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